We Are The Pinnacle of Informational Interpretation

Hi, I’m Desmond J. Watson.

Image courtesy of Desmond J. Watson

I’m a co-founder and the chief executive officer of Hexagon Lavish®.

Image courtesy of Desmond J. Watson

Hexagon Lavish® is an antiartificial scientific R&D startup, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Antiartificial is a term used to help differentiate the startup from your typical artificial intelligence entity. The prefix anti, from its etymology in the Greek language, implied “instead of” as opposed to the American tongue “against”.

We’re not necessarily against the media’s perspective on what artificial intelligence is, however, we are not positively reinforcing the concurrent imagery of artificial intelligence (i.e., Boston Dynamics, killer drones, sex robots, etc.) that’s being perpetuated by falsehoods.


I have worked for several startups (funded and unfunded): Wuchubuzai, Analytics 1305, HP-CVS, Fho-Bis, LLC. and BHE, LLC. I was also one-half of the short-lived partnership, Hunter & Watson which inevitably led to the founding of Hexagon Lavish® in 2013, however, my current team of computational physicists, scientific programmers, material scientists, computational biophysicists and computational chemists formed as of 2015 to this present day.

Hexagon Lavish® is the only entity focused on developing informational interpretation technology.

Informational interpretation is the field of both applicable and practical research and development that pertains to ALL maximized approaches in the marketable pluralities that rest at the very root of information retrieval’s untapped superiorities.” © Desmond J. Watson

Informational interpretation technology will be introduced to global consumer markets in the nature of a mobile application that performs IMMEDIATE detection of food products containing and/or prepared with tomatoes, black beans and peanut oil.

GIF image of the PIR mobile application courtesy of Hexagon Lavish®

This software is not allergen-exclusive. In fact, we will be incorporating other objects that will be primed for immediate detection.

Video clip from Aug. 10th, 2019 “Meet-and-Greet” courtesy of Arheliean™ Media

Welcome to 2021, one year after the onset of COVID-19. People now will have the tool of means to know what’s in their food.

Thank you.

Hexagon Lavish®

An antiartificial scientific R&D startup.